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President's Message

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Dear friends and associates.

Another year begins with no end in sight for the end of this pandemic.

We can't help but think about redoing our personal and sports life feeling captives of this nightmare without neglecting the health rules imposed by the DGS.

The 2021 activity plan has not been fully complied with, but we have not stopped worrying about all our associates.

Before the summary of the year 2021, I would like to thank the previous municipal executive who left office, for all the effort and commitment to help us with this project. We were not always in tune, and there were even some differences that were not an impediment to reaching a consensus by common agreement. Thank you for your help.

The year 2021 was calmer in terms of the pandemic and our associates made the commitment to respect all the rules with regard to the sports activities promoted by us. We had an ambitious and doable plan were it not for this pandemic.

In BTT we accomplished 2/3 of the goal, dividing the group into groups to more easily keep the distance. We went to tests and events.

On the Trail, several sporting commitments and a large part of the plan were fulfilled.  On pedestrians we were always within the plan and even in activities with small groups. At the BTT school we were on standby and recruiting new athletes.

As a novelty we have a new modality, Clube de Ténis Dão Nelas.

In this year of 2022, we have higher expectations and we intend, if public health allows us to exceed in everything the previous year. With the calm of this pandemic period, we will resume activities even more willingly.

On the part of this new executive, we have the promise and support to carry out the 2022 Plan for which we are grateful and committed.

I hope that the new year brings us everything we wish and hope for, Health, Peace, Love, conviviality and lots of sport.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Joao Rijo Mendes.

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