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The Dão Nelas BTT was the origin of the Núcleo Dão Nelas. It was born from the ideas of a group of friends who wanted to create a group that could develop off-road cycling activities in Nelas and organize competition and leisure events.
BTT Competition.

Based on ACBA responsibility calendar


May         Beirão Resistance Trophy – ACBA – Dão Nelas BTT Organization

MTB Leisure.

April         Route of the Carmelites

May         Vouga Route

June        8th Solidarity BTT Ride - Various - 06/19/2022

July         MTB Board.

August       BTT Queiriga

             Santiago de Compostela

September   Quintas do Dão Route – Organization Dão Nelas BTT

November   Tone d'Ella Marathon 2022 – Tondela

BTT Adventure.
  • Sundays – Mornings of mountain biking.

  • Bike tour to Fatima. June 2022

  • Departure to Santiago de Compostela from Porto. 4 days. August 2022

  • Vouga Line. Viseu-Aveiro-Viseu. September 2022

  • Dão Ecotrail: St. Comba Dão – Viseu – St. Comba Dão

  • Nelas – Figueira da Foz – Nelas.

  • Serra da Estrela (Lagoa Comprida) – Nelas.

  • Participate in events promoted by Associations / Organizations in the municipality of Nelas.

  • ACBA exams

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